Employees with Charles S. Snyder Inc. of West Penn attended the Carbon County 4H Round Up at the Carbon County Fair last week. While there, they purchased the grand champion market, shorthorn steer from Alyssa Wentz, who has been showing 4H animals for about 8 years. The steer, who happened to be named Boomer, was the same as their New Holland Boomer tractor. Charles S. Snyder Inc. has been a supporter of the 4H livestock sales over the years. In the past 14 years, Charles S. Snyder Inc. has purchased over 314 animals at 4H livestock sales in and around the surrounding counties. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the 4H program. The group consists of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. Charles S. Snyder Inc. is currently running a contest to guess the combined weight of Boomer the steer, their Boomer tractor (with loader and mower) and Chester Snyder (owner) from now till October 31. For more information, visit www.cssnyder.com [1] http://www.cssnyder.com [1] or via their facebook page. In photo are Chester Snyder, Boomer the Steer and the Boomer tractor.