A quarter of a century's worth of history has been dredged up from the depths of the Palmerton Borough Park.

Nearly 25 years after it was interred in the borough park, a rocket that really is a Time Capsule was dug up Tuesday afternoon.

Peter Kern, a member of the Palmerton Area Historical Society, said Matt Lang, of Lang's Landscaping & Tree Service, Palmerton, was responsible for the digging process.

Kern said the Time Capsule was dug up as part of a series of events in celebration of the borough's centennial, and also so that it wouldn't interfere with the construction of the Palmerton Veterans' Memorial slated to be built in the same portion of the borough park.

"The reason why is it interferes with the work being done on the memorial, and it has to be dug up for the centennial," Kern said. "We didn't want to dig up the park twice."

Now that it's been dug up, Kern said the Time Capsule will be opened sometime within the next week. The artifacts will then be put on display at the Palmerton Heritage Center, he said.

To view the Time Capsule, or for more information, contact the Palmerton Area Historical Society at 610-824-6954.

The rocket, designed by Warren E. Siegmond and built by the New Jersey Zinc Co., is a 15-foot time capsule named the S.S. Palmer Enterprise.

It was originally buried in the park on Oct. 8,1988, Kern said. At the time, he said "it was to be excavated historical material and memorabilia."

The centennial celebration will be held on Oct. 14, 2012. The borough was officially incorporated on Oct. 14, 1912.