Carbon County Animal Shelter's new warden, hired July 12, said Monday that she no longer works there, and that she plans to sue a former co-worker for slander.

Debbie Craver had worked at the shelter part-time for two months before being hired.

But, she said in a telephone interview early Monday, an incident on Saturday, July 28, led to her leaving the job.

On that day, she said, she told a co-worker three times to do a task which was in his job description. He refused, she said, and threw a leash at her in front of volunteers. Craver did not name the co-worker, but said he has since been hired as a clerk for the county.

Craver said the former co-worker claimed sexual harassment, a charge she described as "nonsense." She said she was called in to a meeting with all three county commissioners on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

Craver said she planned to meet with her lawyer later Monday. She said none of the commissioners would be named in the suit.

Craver said that in the meantime, Bruce May has been called back to direct the shelter.

"I loved it there. I really thought that I worked to make it a better place," she said.

Efforts to reach Commissioners Chairman Wayne Nothstein were unsuccessful early Monday.