Dear Editor:

In the July 26 edition of The Times News, Representative Doyle Heffley is quoted as parroting two fallacies on which he needs to be corrected. When asked about the legality of Pennsylvania's voter ID law, Representative Heffley describes voting as "an earned right." The right to vote is not earned, it is inherent. All U.S. citizens, once they reach the age of 18, have this right. Driving, hunting, practicing medicine are earned rights, voting is not.

The second misrepresentation Rep. Heffley repeats is that "it's (voter fraud) a problem that has been seen in heavy doses across the state." Not according to the State of Pennsylvania, Rep. Heffley. Before the hearings on the voter ID law begin this week, the state has admitted that there have been no documented cases of voter fraud. The state will not admit into evidence any cases of voter fraud. There have been no investigations nor prosecutions of voter fraud.

It is bad enough that Representative Heffley voted for this bill that may disenfranchise hundreds of his constituents. I would think it worse if he was intentionally distorting facts for political gain.

Josh Friebolin