Pencor Services Inc plans to build a 3-story, 15,000-square-foot professional complex in Palmerton.

The building will be located at 462 Delaware Ave., and will house about 35 Pencor employees, said Pencor Services Inc President David Masenheimer.

Masenheimer said the new building will house Purchasing Department, IT and Accounting Department employees, as well as room for expansion for additional employees.

As part of its plan, Masenheimer said the company has a permit to take down the building at 456 Delaware Ave., which currently serves as an apartment complex.

Masenheimer said the plans meet the parking requirements under the Borough Zoning Code, but the company plans to request a waiver of a section of the borough's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance that requires four-square-feet of off-street parking for every one-square-foot of building use.

Representatives from Pany & Lentz Engineering Co will go before Palmerton Borough Council at 7 p.m. Thursday in search of the waiver, he said.

Jeff Reinhard, Chief Executive Officer, said the new complex will be energy-efficient and made of brick.

"It will be like the existing borough buildings, and will be consistent with the original zinc company buildings," Reinhard said. "It will have multiple conference rooms that will be used to train employees."

Masenheimer said the company hopes to alleviate any concerns that may exist.

"There were concerns that taking down the buildings was reducing the tax base," Masenheimer said. "But, since we're going to be building this new structure, it will have a net gain to the tax base."