Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the management of Lowe's for the expeditious and well planned opening of the store in Lehighton. The transition was effective with no congestion of the intersection of the entrance. A new broom always sweeps clean so do not let your enthusiasm falter as time progresses.

With that said I would like to ask the folks of Lehighton to boycott the flower tents in our community and put your purchased support into Lowe's. They're the folks who will help our job market and not the single hire at the flower tent. In addition the traffic flow on Interchange Road will be less of a nightmare. Parking is limited, prices are exorbitant and their products less than satisfactory.

If you want to focus on the job market in our community and put much needed tax dollars into our community you might want to follow my suggestion.

From the pen of

Ken Treger,