Dear Editor:

I've always been confused by the phrase "respect your elders" because there are people who are older than me that don't deserve the time of day from me or anyone else.

Last year Summit Hill buried two of its leading citizens, in my eyes, in Dr. Robert Arner and Joe "Chubby" Carnish. Dr. Arner was a highly respected dentist, a former school board member, and was active in various community organizations.

"Chubby" owned and operated Carnish's Bar and Grille which saw him sponsor a Little League team, dart, and softball teams. He was also the president of the SHLL for most of my long life.

Both men were very active in their churches and, most importantly despite all their activities, managed to have large, extremely honorable families.

Did these men get my utmost respect because they were older than me? NO WAY! They got it the old fashioned way...They EARNED it and DESERVED it. And both of them are greatly missed. This area needs these kind of people NOW more then ever.


Jesse Hiles

Summit Hill