Orthopedist Dr. Robert B. Grob of Mahoning Valley Orthopedics, has performed more than 1,200 joint replacement operations, and in every one, he used artificial joints made by Zimmer-Randall Associates, Harrisburg.

"I've been using this product for the past 12 years, since I've been practicing in Carbon County," he said. "It has a very good track record. The survivability of its implants are nearly as high or higher than most of the competitive products out there."

Grob, who also is Blue Mountain Health System's Chief of Surgery, praised Zimmer's research and development practice, citing the company's knee replacement device designed for women.

On Thursday, Grob visited the Zimmer Mobile Learning Center, a large bus with viewing screens, literature and an array of gleaming joint replacement products for knees, hips, shoulders and other joints. The learning center was parked at the Gnaden Huetten campus of Blue Mountain Health System.

"The Mobile Learning Center is here in the area to educate the public and health care professionals on Zimmer joint replacement products," said Zimmer-Randall Associates marketing specialist Shawna Dixon.

What sets Zimmer apart from other joint replacement product companies, she said, is that "Zimmer is a global orthopedic device company. It is number one in worldwide sales"

Further, she said, the company uses a unique technology and makes gender-specific devices.

"We have the gender knee and Trabecular metal products," Dixon said.

The gender knee is the only knee replacement product specifically designed for women, Dixon said. The design looks and feels more natural.

Grob said the gender knee improves range of motion, flexibility and tracking and post-operative pain.

Trabecular metal was created "for use in the airline industry to keep debris and birds out of jet engines. Zimmer realized its structure mimics bone," she said.

"It has the same shape and flexibility as bone, and as such, bone is attracted to it, it tends to grow into it and it becomes a very stable platform for joint replacement," said Zimmer salesman Tyler Malayter. "This is proprietary technology that only Zimmer possesses."