Marjorie Marie Haggerty recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

She was born Sept. 20, 1921 in Jim Thorpe in her parents home. Her mother, Emma Dierkes, and father, Vincent Huber, had seven children, giving Marjorie four sisters and two brothers.

Marjorie married the late Gerald L. Haggerty, a World War II veteran, in 1944. They were married for 63 years before his death in 2007.

Together Marjorie and Gerald had three children: Sister Geralyn Haggerty, SCC, of Williamsport; Anita Bott of Allentown; and Gerald L. Haggerty Jr. of Jim Thorpe.

She also has four grandsons Peter, Micheal, Mark and Alex.

Marjorie currently lives on the east side of Jim Thorpe. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing cards, growing tomatoes, and taking care of her Beta fish.

Marjorie loves her family and enjoys her life.