Kiana Bellesfield, Northern Lehigh

Highlight Package - At this point in the season, this Lady Bulldog has scored five goals, added three assists for 16 of the team's tri-captains, Bellesfield is mainly a forward, but can fill in on defense or at midfield, with plenty of experience and ability at any of those positions, and has started for NL for three years.

Favorite Sports Team - Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Athlete - Sarah Arndt (2009 Northern Lehigh graduate)

Favorite Sports Movie - Remember the Titans

Favorite Subject in School - Biology

Favorite Song - "Stutter" by Maroon 5

Favorite Food - Cheese Fries

Years Participating in Field Hockey - Six years

Most Memorable Moment in Field Hockey - Scoring the game-winning goal against Northwestern in 2010.

"The thing that I like most about playing field hockey is...coming to practice everyday with my teammates. Our motto is "Together," so, without them, we wouldn't have as much fun or accomplish the things we have."