Dear Editor:

I recently read about the appointment of the new warden for the Carbon County Prison and the waived criteria of the college degree for the on the job experience.

I received a Criminal Justice Degree from Kutztown University in 2005 at age 53. Do you think, if a person is in the criminal justice field for 20 years, that he or she would go to college and spend the time and money to earn the respected degree for that up coming position? How do you think the many who followed this procedure feels about this decision?

Did the other wardens have a degree? I worked with the last two, and both did. What does the job requirements mean? I have nothing against the new warden. I remember working with him, but rules are rules. I remember in college, there were no free credits for life learning experience, and I can fill up a few pages. How can local politics waive this requirement at the drop of a hat? This has nothing to do with the warden. I just wonder, how many other county jobs will be affected in the years to come. What do the other taxpayers and graduates think of this situation?

Former Carbon County

Correctional Officer

A.J. Petrucci

Jim Thorpe