St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital of Coaldale held their annual Service Awards Luncheon at Macaluso's in Nesquehoning with awards given out to those who had service of five years and over.

Andrew Seidel, assistant vice president of Human Resources, opened the program and the address was given by William Moyer, president of the hospital.

Awards were presented by Moyer, Kelly Miller, human resources assistant; and Carol Evans, payroll/workers' compensation specialist.

The 2010 service awards were presented to 35 years Betty Benulis and Marilyn Georg; 30 years to Carl Brush; 25 years to Marianne Kellner and Diane Stack; 20 years to Mary Badowski, Christine Kane, Michele McHugh, Harry Wagner, Carol Fritz, Patricia Llewellyn, and Joanne Petritsch; 15 years to Lisa Avenoso, Carol Evans, Karen Moyer, Margaret Pascoe, Sharon Porambo, Ann Marie Stoffey, Rosalie Baddick. Elizabeth Mongi, Michele O'Connor, Ann Paton, Lynne Stawiarki, and Amy Toth; 10 years to Maryann Becker, Thomas Grett, Charise Matalavage, Suzanne Smith, Anita Sweeney, Sandra Dunstan, Jane Lang, Roxanne Rusnak, Michael Strucko, Nancy Wilcox; and 5 years to Lori Dacey, Angela Meinhart, Christine Reed, Melissa Rowan, Heather Shamonsky, Vicki Yeakel, Tracy Forman, Daniel Powell, Terry Rex, Jean Schnable, Cheryl Souders, and Kristy Zelenak.