Here's the breakdown of Gov. Tom Corbett's $5.2 billion education funding: (Dollar amounts in thousands):

Basic Education Funding $5,226,142

Career and Technical Education $62,000

Authority Rentals andSinking Fund Requirements $299,190

Pupil Transportation $546,758

Nonpublic and Charter SchoolPupil Transportation $76,640

Special Education $1,026,815

Tuition for Orphans and Children

Placed in Private Homes $57,227

Payments in Lieu of Taxes $194

Education of Migrant Laborers' Children $907

PA Charter Schools for theDeaf and Blind $39,401

Special Education - Approved Private Schools $98,098

School Food Services $30,525

School Nutrition Incentive Program $3,327

School Employees' Social Security $530,040

School Employees' Retirement $615,086

TOTAL $ 8,612,350

Source: Gov. Tom Corbett