They multi-tasked at every opportunity, yet were still able to maintain a high degree of academic excellence.

Their mental prowess to juggle various extracurricular activities with their schoolwork has earned several members of the Palmerton Area High School Class of 2011 some rather lofty acclaim.

Seniors Blake Campbell, Lyndsey Heinrich, Megan Mummey, Jordan Ruzicka, Samantha K. Smith, William Heinick and Derek Szena were recognized with a resolution for their levels of activities and achievements by borough council on Thursday.

Of those, only Campbell, Heinrich and Szena were in attendance. Smith's father was in attendance to accept on behalf of his daughter.

Council Vice President Chris Olivia lauded the students for their adeptness.

"It just amazes me you guys do so much, and yet maintain such a high grade point average," Olivia said.

Councilman Richard Nothstein congratulated the students, and added that much of the credit should go to the parents.

Council President Terry Costenbader told the sparse group that council appreciates their willingness to come to the meeting to accept their recognition.

"People just aren't recognized for all the good they do," Costenbader said. "There should be a lot more of that."

Also on Thursday, Councilman Jeremy Barbosa recognized all the borough personnel who helped clean up the debris left in the wake of last month's ferocious storm.

"From the 500 block to Lafayette, it looked like we had a tornado," Barbosa said. "They did a really good job cleaning up."

The May 26 storm downed trees and left portions of the municipalities within the Palmerton Area School District without power.

In other business, council:

Ÿ Agreed, on a 5-0 vote, to get bid specifications for the eventual sale of the vacant property at 910 Edgemont Avenue. Councilmen Jason Behler and Kris Hoffner were absent.

Ÿ Agreed to grant a handicapped parking request to Renate Viands at 706 Princeton Avenue.

Ÿ Agreed to grant a handicapped parking request to Sharon Bonser at 158 Princeton Avenue.

Ÿ Rejected a handicapped parking request by Blue Mountain Health System for two additional handicapped spaces in the 100 block of Columbia Avenue.