For the 25th year, students who excell at Lehighton Area High School were honored at the annual Top 10 Percent Academic Awards program.

The program recently was held at the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company.

Timothy Tkach, high school principal; James Kraky, superintendent of LASD; and James Corpora, interim student activities/athletic director, presented the awards.

Tkach welcomed the students and parents and heaped praise on the students for their hard work to succeed academically and also praised the parents for their commitment and support of their children.

Kirk Arner, who is ranked number one in the class of 2011, introduced the guests, while Samantha Cerimele, who is ranked number two in the class of 2011 offered the invocation.

Tkach said that the students should be proud of what they have accomplished.

Each student who attains ranking in the top 10 percent of their class is presented a pewter plate for their achievement and then are also presented medallions that fit into slots in the plate representing their achievements of this past year.

"You can go anywhere in the world," said Tkach, addressing the students and then addressed the parents, "Your sons and daughters are lucky to have had your support and commitment."

Additionally ranked in the top 10 percent of the class of 2011 were: Jason Addy, Chey Davis, Laureen DiMattia, Tyler Hill, Rebecca Hoffner, Jordyn Homyak, Nikole Horn, Marcus Kunkle, Lauren McCullion, Sarah Nanovic, Jacob Plocinik, Kenzie Teno and Noah Tkach.

Kraky said that the dinner was all about achievement.

"The students here tonight have been achieving at an outstanding level," said Kraky.

He said he researched the seven keys to success in achievement. They are: passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance, integrity and the American Dream.

He said that he planned to talk about three of the keys, "passion, perseverance and integrity."

"Passion lights your fire," said Kraky. "Your desire to achieve that goal will become your passion." He said that no great achievement comes without obstacles, physical limitations or resistance from the outside world, but they never abandon their dreams, but instead persevere against all odds.

"The road to real success and achievement has no shortcuts," said Kraky. "Great achievers have built their accomplishments on personal systems of uncompromising standards and unwavering values."

Class of 2012 members are: Isabelle Chew, Zachary Coleman, Laura Cressley, Katie Eidem, Evalina Heckman, Jayden Hensley, Stacey Kerschner, Shyanne Kleintop, Nicole Myrtle, Peter Petrack, Adam Reichard, Caitlin Roth, Sydney Schafer, Kara Serfass, Jonathan Strauss, James Sverchek, Michael Warkala and Justin Ziegenfus. Top student in the class of 2012 is Nicolas Mantz. Mantz also has been number one in his class in his freshman year and sophomore year.

Class of 2013 members are: Kaitlin Bandholz, Hannah Bartron, Alden Everett, Andrey Kashirin-Csencsits, Elyse Kistler, Sarah Kistler, Emily Lauer, Tyler Martz, Jacen Nalesnik, Holly Niehoff, Morgan Ott, Elizabeth Reichard, Tia Rex, Alex Rubus, Matthew Schweitzer and Kaitlin Smith.