Hometown Fire Company volunteers and local residents aren't too happy over the current overflow and accumulation of recyclable trash that people have continued to pile at the recycling bins over the past few days on the fire company lot.

As you drive past the fire company, it is hard not to notice piles of unsightly cardboard, plastics, beer bottles, and other recyclable items laying adjacent to the recycling bins.

"These bins are a privilege, not a right," said Fire Chief Barry Messerschmidt. "People need to leave their recyclables at home until the bins are emptied."

A neighbor and passerby stated, "These bins are always full and the people that run the Schuylkill County Recycling Program need to do a better and quicker job emptying them."

Messerschmidt and the Rush Township police spent part of Sunday morning preventing more people from dumping at the bins.'

"If you can't fit your trash inside the bins, what makes you think you can just pile it all outside the bins?" said an upset neighbor living near the bins.

The neighbor also said she'll be watching and taking photos of future dumpers to give to the police.

Messerschmidt added, "If this continues, we'll have the bins removed."

He also noted that private property signs will be posted in the next few days at the fire company's lot to prevent anymore dumping.