Schuylkill Township passed a final balanced budget for 2012 that does not contain any tax increase for residents.

Supervisors anticipate $440,100 in revenue versus $424,160 in expenditures.

"Everybody should be happy with that," said Linda DeCindio, chairman of the board of supervisors.

The supervisors also reviewed the status of the delinquent 2011 garbage bills. According to township secretary/treasurer Mary Bubel, eight were sent to the magistrate. Out of those, one resident showed up. Two refused to accept the registered letters that were sent.

Five residents are making payments and two are estates that are not settled. Additionally, four residents have made no payments, and still owe the township a total of $1,381. Bubel expects that the four residents will eventually pay.

"Otherwise, it's going to have to come out of the general fund. That's tight and that's not fair to everyone," she said.

DeCindio said that the township has been advised that the 2010 census figures show an increase of six people in the township, for a total population of 1,129.

The state police also deposited $934.62 in recovered fines into the township's general fund.