Dear Editor,

First the Chinese poisoned our children with lead based paint. They are now poisoning our dogs with dog treats and dog food manufactured in China.

Go in to any supermarket and check out the dog treats, Product of China. NIce packages of sliced duck, sliced chicken, etc., produced in China under the inspection of who.

Dog food producers in the U.S.A. have government inspectors checking the production of animal feed. Who knows what kind of inspection process there is in China? How are these animals prepared? What are these animals fed? What chemicals are used in the production of these foods?

A few weeks after my dog ate some of these treats, he was diagnosed with the symptoms of diabetes. Other dog owner I've talked to have had to take their pets to the vet too.

Wake up dog lovers! Dogs are people too.

Wake up America! There are enough dog food producers in the U.S.A. producing safer food.

By purchasing this Chinese made food you are endangering your pet and putting a lot of Americans out of work.


Clyde Robertshaw,