Despite suffering over 36 hours of no power, neighbors on Rymin Road in Hometown came together to relish the company of each other during their blackout lantern party. Neighbors, all holding flashlights, enjoyed snacks and refreshments as they socialized around a lantern while watching PPL crews work in pitch black to restore their power. A tree had fallen onto powerlines behind one of the homes on Rymin Road early Sunday morning causing a community wide blackout. Claudia Gogal said, "It was great that we turned a bad situation into a fun one." Gogal added, "Those PPL guys were fabulous," pointing out the speed and professionalism the work crew had. Pictured from left are neighbors Fred Confer, Wandie Zammer, Claudia Gogal, Bill Zammer, Maria Montero-Hoppes, Katie White and Greg Koneschusky.