Dear Editor:

I am writing to stress the importance of having your pets spayed or neutered and that there is financial assistance available through our spay neuter program.

There are many benefits in having your pet spayed or neutered. First in females it stops heat cycles in both males and females it creates a less desire to roam, reduces unwanted puppies and kittens, and most importantly it helps your pet live a long and healthier life.

Our program "Amazing Grace Spay / Neuter Program" has been assisting our friends and neighbors for 3 years now to get there pets spayed and neutered. If you need assistance you can get us on the web at [1] or you can contact Diane Sharpless at (570)-778-6886. Together we can do great things. Please spay and neuter! Thank you.


Tom Zimmerman IV

Amazing Grace Spay/ Neuter Program