At the end of East White Street in Summit Hill are a cluster of well-manicured cemeteries; befitting final resting places for loved ones.

Also at the end of White Street, where the macadem stops and the woodlands of Mount Jefferson Plane begin, and next to the cemeteries, is a wildcat dump; a site piled with tires, wire fencing, litter, concrete pieces, and tree branches.

Joe Weber, president of Summit Hill Borough Council, said he doesn't understand why residents resort to such illegal dumping when the town has two clean-ups a year during which virtually anything is picked up. The clean-ups occur in the spring and fall.

The spring clean-up will be held April 21 on the east side of town as well as Knepper's Trailer Lot and East and West White Bear Drive.

It will be staged on Tuesday, April 26, on the west side of town along with Laurel Drive and East and West Mountaintop Road.

The council president said items that will be picked up include:

Up to five tires, tire rims, auto body parts, refrigerators, vending machines, dehumidifiers, water coolers, heat pumps, washers, dryers, and stoves.

He said all items must have chemicals removed and doors taken off.

In addition, up to 10 bags of garbage will be collected.

Borough secretary Kira Michalik said paint cans will be taken but the paint must be dry. She said that to dry the paint take the lid off the can. Councilman Mike Kokinda said adding cat litter to the paint helps it to dry inside the can.

Weber said, "We have this cleanup. It's an absolute disgrace to see the amount of garbage at the cemetery."

He said it isn't always local residents doing the dumping; that out-of-towners bring debris to the site because it is in an isolated area.

"Please take advantage" of the spring clean-up, he pleaded.

At the east end of Ludlow Street, also next to the cemetery, there isn't such a large pile of debris, but all types of paper litter exist along the road.