Rednecks know how to have fun and they proved it beyond a doubt this weekend at the Weissport Redneck Festival.

With everyone feasting on a variety of redneck vittles and drinking sweet tea or beer, the party in the Weissport Park lasted two days over the Labor Day weekend. The Redneck Festival is a one of a kind event in the area because it allows visitors to participate in the contests.

Always a highlight of the event is the crowning of Miss Daisy Duke. A line up of eight beauties wearing short short Daisy Duke shorts and shirts tied at their midriff strutted their stuff on stage to the delight of the crowd. Winning the competition this year was Jean Haydt of Franklin Township. Since the audience chooses the winner by the loudest screams and applause, she won by padding the front row with her kin and friends, who overwhelmingly wanted her to win. Her strategy worked and she will reign as the Miss Daisy Duke until the next festival.

While Miss Daisy Duke was the top crowd pleaser on Saturday night, Sunday's top event was the Chariot Race, where teams of two people push toilets on wheels down the center of the street while weaving around hay bales gave the cheering fans something to yell about. Easily winning the chariot race this was Mike Probe and Val Ferris of Philadelphia. No telling how this pair was able to beat out the locals who had been in training for this event all year.

Alfies Pizza guys beat out the Army/construction team to win the annual Tug of War contest. Alfies Pizza guys were taken down when the Army/construction team added five more contestants to their end of the rope - all Redneck style of course.

For the Zimmie's and Hot Wings contest, Weissport Rednecks chose Mario's Pizza of Weissport as having the best darn wings in Carbon County. The restaurant will be receiving a plaque and banner to display at their restaurant.

The Junkman's Contest was won by the team of Jeffrey Strohl of Weissport and David Kibler of Palmerton. The way those boys hauled junk was a sight to see. Those refrigerators and stoves were no match for this team of local boys.

Taking the win in the Tractor Race was Mike Leiby of Sierra Vista, Ariz. and Joe Rodrigues of Bowmanstown. Don't let that out of state address fool you, his roots are in Weissport. He is the son of Brenda Leiby of Weissport, after all.

The Korniest Couple contest pitted four couples who thought they knew each other in a "Newlywed" style contest. Winning a night's stay at the Hampton Inn was Audrina Hughes and Adrian Ortiz of Allentown. They knew exactly where they met and where they went to on the first date better than anyone.

In all, the Weissport Redneck Festival was a great place to be. The Lehigh Valley Roller Derby girls had a bull ride set up with a 50-gallon drum and there was redneck jewelry, redneck art and redneck T-shirts for sale.

Also there was a Ugliest Pickup Truck contest, Mr. Redneck contest, watermelon eating contest, big wheel contest, and best rack contest.

The event will again be held in 2011 over Labor Day weekend to celebrate rednecks having fun.