Palmerton hopes the insertion of waterline valves will better control water flows.

The borough's Municipal Authority will receive bids for waterline valve insertions until 11 a.m. Oct. 19, at which time the bids will be opened.

Borough Manager Rodger Danielson said the waterline valve insertions will be conducted primarily in the 500 block of Lehigh Avenue.

"We're trying to insert some valves because sometimes when we have problems, we don't have a place to turn things off," Danielson said. "We're going to put some 6-inch valves in to help control the flows during repair time."

Danielson cautioned that while the project will likely only take a day or so to complete, it will be done live, which he said he hopes won't interrupt flow.

The project is estimated to cost the borough around $15,000, he said. The borough will pay for the project from its water capital budget, Danielson said.