Tamaqua seventh grade-student Jacob Gursky isn't your typical 13-year-old teenager.

In addition to reading and playing baseball, Jacob spends his free time creating polymer clay characters, as well creating pencil drawings and wood carvings.

He has over 30 pieces, half of which are currently on display at the Tamaqua Library.

Part of Jacob's collection showcases the culmination of a few years tinkering with different types of clay and techniques. At first, Jacob used books and manuals to guide him through the modeling process.

Now most is done via imagination and freehand. Jacob, who lives in Tamaqua, said he received a packet of modeling clay from his parents for Christmas when he was younger and it has grown into a fun and rewarding passion.

Jacob creates custom models and artwork for local friends and family as well as some living throughout the country, such as Alaska and Texas.

When asked about his clay models, Jacob said, "I feel like a dentist sometimes because I'm very detailed with my work."