The 30th Annual Sportsman's Rod and Gun Club Fishing Contest was held recently at a one half mile section of Lizard Creek located off Lizard Creek Road (SR895) two miles south west of Andreas, next to the Moyer Brothers Farm.

Mire than 300 adults and children registered for the contest. Many prizes were awarded for winners in various categories ranging from tagged fish, largest fish, and palominos. The club stocked about one half mile of Lizard Creek with over 3,000 fish for the contest. To help control the loss of fish, the club created deflector ponds at certain locations to manage the migration and flow of fish. Thousands of large fish are also stocked regularly throughout the season. The club also has its own hatchery located near the fishing points.

Various fishing points of Lizard Creek were strictly reserved for children, adults, and senior citizens. Club president Marvin Faust and other organizers of the fishing contest stated their great appreciation to all the volunteers and community sponsors that routinely provide donations every year to make their event bigger and better every year. Different fishing and club events are held throughout the year to help subsidize the cost of the free event.

People are asked to call member Lynn Gerber at 610-390-8570 if you want to join the club or make a donation to future fishing events. President Faust said, "We couldn't do this without all the dedicated community volunteers and sponsors that make this a great event every season."