Slatington Crime Watch

Think Spring; it just may come! This Thursday, March 18, at 7 p.m., the Slatington Crime Watch will meet at the Slatington Borough Hall.

Officer Dan will give an update on what's happening in Slatington, and he will be going over the rules of being a pet owner in the borough.

They will also announce who the special speaker will be for the April meeting. They now have an interpreter for the deaf at meetings.

Officer Dan is looking for donations of dog/cat food, cat litter, leashes, bowls, old towels/blankets, toys, etc. for use with the newly-formed animal control for the borough.

Peaceable Kingdom will be coming to pick up the stray animals; however they will need to be kept in the police station until they are picked up.

Please bring any items to the Crime Watch meeting on Thursday.