Just before 9 p.m. Thursday night, two volunteer firefighters from the Diligence Fire Company in Summit Hill were injured and taken to the hospital, after their vehicle rolled over numerous times on Owl Creek Road, in Tamaqua following a near miss with another vehicle that was driving head-on in their lane.

Condition reports and the names of the hospital the firefighters were taken to were not available at press time.

The two Summit Hill firefighters, driver Scott Andrews, and passenger Tyler Heffelfinger, were in a Chevy Cavalier when they lost control and flipped multiple times after they quickly swerved to miss another vehicle driving west on Owl Creek Road in their lane.

Tamaqua Police on scene stated the other unknown vehicle didn't stop.

The two firefighters had just finished a joint essentials certification class with other volunteer firefighters from Summit Hill, Tamaqua, Lansford, and other surrounding communities at the Tamaqua South Ward Fire Company.

They were returning home with fellow Summit Hill and Lansford firefighters who were only a few hundred feet behind them in their vehicles when the accident happened.

The vehicle's impact on the east-bound embankment was strong enough to displace two large rocks 10 feet closer to the road. A fellow Summit Hill firefighter, driving a couple hundred feet behind, said he saw "spinning headlights" and a lot of sparks.

Emergency response was instantaneous since number of firefighters were either leading or trailing them or still in-gear at the Tamaqua South Ward firehouse. Reportedly, Andrews and Heffelfinger suffered back, neck, and arm injuries.

Tamaqua Police are still investigating and ask anyone with information to contact them.

Emergency services on scene included Tamaqua Fire Department, Tamaqua Rescue Squad, Lansford firefighters, Summit Hill firefighters, and Lehighton Ambulance all responded. '

Tamaqua Fire Police controlled traffic until Hope's Towing towed the vehicle away.