Summit Hill police are reminding residents to lock their doors.

Early this morning, police responded to a residence in the 300 block of East Fell Street, Summit Hill, after officers received a call about a break-in at 12:34 a.m.

Police Chief Joseph Fittos said the resident of the home was sleeping downstairs when they heard the door slam, which awakened them.

He noted that the unknown actor who entered the residence took some items and then fled the scene.

Four minutes before the break in occurred, Fittos said officers received a report of another attempted break-in on the same block.

In that case, the home was locked and the actor did not gain entry.

Fittos reminds all residents that even though summer is here and the weather is hot, they should be vigilant and lock their doors and windows; and if they see something suspicious or hear someone attempting to gain entry into a home that is not theirs, they should immediately call 911.

Summit Hill police is asking anyone with information regarding the recent break-in to contact the station at (570) 645-7429.