"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

The quote, written by William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet can be related to the sale of Weatherwood.

The Carbon County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Weatherly, which for years, has been known as Weatherwood, has now officially been sold to a private company, Guardian Elder Care of Brockway.

Typically, when places are sold to different companies, the name of the newly-acquired facility changes. But will this be the case at Weatherwood?

Eddy Inzana, president and CEO of Guardian Elder Care said he doesn't think so.

"There has been no talks at this point to change the name," he said. "The talk is to keep the name. We've found Weatherwood to have a good reputation so there is a strong likelihood that Guardian will just take out 'Carbon County' from Weatherwood's full title."

He noted that they usually only change the name of a facility when the name is associated with a bad reputation. That is not the case at Weatherwood.

So what can Weatherwood residents, employees, and county residents expect at the nursing home over the next few months?

"Our first goal is to get the facility into compliance and work with the facility leadership," Inzana said.

After that, the company's goal remains pretty much the same as it was in March.

"We want to try to work quickly and smart to bring the facility's census back up to levels that it was a few years ago," Inzana said, noting that right now, Weatherwood's census is hovering in 160s.

"We think that with the reputation that Weatherwood has, which is good, we're hoping to use our special skills to bring the census back up to the 180s or 190s. By doing that it will help us retain jobs."

During the commissioners' meeting in March, which Inzana referred to, Guardian's main focus was providing the same kind of care Carbon County has given to the residents at Weatherwood.

The company said at that time that admissions criteria will remain the same as Carbon County had it and that they will be working with the staff to determine the best way to provide continued care for Weatherwood's residents.

Inzana also mentioned during a phone interview on Wednesday that Guardian would like to possibly bring home care to the facility as well in the future.