Two new supervisors are part of the 2010 leadership in Polk Township. They include Brian K. Ahner, who won the election for supervisor in November, and the board-appointee, Michael Hurley, who will fill the unexpired term of the late H. Lee Everett, who died in office late in 2009.

Following legal protocol, as outlined by township solicitor James Fareri, the May and Ahner duo first elected temporary township leadership, with Ahner being named Chairman and May continuing as Secretary/Treasurer as well as temporary Vice Chairman.

Continuing with legal protocol, more township reorganization matters were dispensed with, including the approval of Acting Assistant Roadmaster Eddie Arnold and naming current or new board and commission members to their respective positions.

As the final portion of the morning's meeting, the appointment of Hurley as the third supervisor was made.

He will finish the remaining 2 years of Everett's term and can then, as well as anyone so interested in the position, run for election in 2011 to a regular 6-year term.

Asked after the meeting, in which he was sworn in temporarily, Hurley said he was asked if he would serve and after several days deliberation said "Yes," with his reason being "to help the community."

His oath to be made permanent later, Hurley knows the Polk Township community as a long-time resident and as a member of the Planning Commission as well as service to the township, the area, in other ways, including being co-chair of the West End Relay for Life.

After his swearing in, the board voted on making the temporary titles permanent, and Hurley was named Vice Chairman, with May keeping her Secretary/Treasurer position and Ahner being the new Chairman.

"I have big shoes to fill," said Ahner after the meeting.

A long-time township employee, he ran f or the position of supervisor in the last election because he wanted "to be part of the decision-making process."

He, too, has been involved in the Polk community for many years, serving as secretary of the Indian Mountain Rod and Gun Club for over 25 years and being an instructor for the Hunter Safety Course.

"I'll continue to serve the community," is his commitment as he tries to fill the "big shoes" of his predecessor.