There is a new face on the Walker Township board of supervisors.

William McMullen joined the board at Monday's reorganization meeting, replacing exiting member Randall Bensinger, who served six years.

The board presented Bensinger with an engraved plaque in acknowledgment of "outstanding service and dedication as a supervisor."

McMullen was welcomed by Chairman Craig Wagner, who asked the new supervisor to stand and be acknowledged by members of the public in attendance.

Long-time Supervisor David Price was elected vice chairman and Suzanne Borzak was appointed secretary/treasurer, with Mary Gallo named alternate.

Employee appointments included: Eric Leiby, roadmaster at a rate of $13.75 per hour; and as chief of police at a salary of $24,600. George B. Woodward, part-time police investigator, at $11.50 per hour; Elizabeth Leiby, laborer, at $10 per hour; equipment operators and mechanics on an as-needed basis, part-time, at $10.75 per hour; equipment operators with CDL, part-time, at $11.75 per hour, as needed.

Patton and Lettich Accounting was named the firm to audit the 2009 records; Berkheimer Associates was named tax collector at a rate of 1.75% commission on EIT collections and 5% on OPT collections.

Atty. Michael Greek was named solicitor at $80 per hour; Brior Environmental was named sewage enforcement officer; and Joseph Mitika was named solicitor for the zoning hearing board at $65 per hour.

Alfred Benesch & Co. was named engineer on an as-needed basis and as senior zoning officer. Elizabeth Leiby was appointed assistant zoning officer for permits at $12.10 per hour; and Ralph DeAngelo was appointed chairman of the vacancy board.

Zoning hearing board members will be Ralph DeAngelo and Paul Wagner; planning commission will include William McMullen and David Price; agriculture review board will be David Price and Owen Koch; and Robert Hope, Jr., will serve as citizen member to the Eastern Schuylkill Recreation Commission (ESRC).

In addition, Price will serve as township representative to the ESRC and as emergency management coordinator, with Elizabeth Leiby as assistant.

The board named M&T Bank, PLGIT and Nexity Bank as depositories for township funds; and M&T Bank as depository for tax collection funds.

New England Fire Company was given authorization to participate in ancillary activities in 2010 in accordance with the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.

The supervisors will meet the first Thursday of each month beginning at 7:30 p.m. The planning commission will meet the last Thursday of each month with the exception of November, beginning at 7:30 p.m., if there is an item on the agenda.

The township set the mileage reimbursement rate at 41 cents.

Discussion during the public comment portion of the meeting centered on the possibility of lowering the speed limit along Kettle Road. After lengthy discussion, the issue was tabled until next month's meeting.