When the fifth grade students at Panther Valley Elementary School read a story entitled " Stretching Ourselves", the special education teacher Nicole Hajcak contacted Bobby O'Gurek who suffers from cerebral palsy. The story is about children who have CP and how they cope with it.

Bobby was invited to the school to give a personal account of his affliction. He presented a power point program of his school days and answered questionsasked by some of the students.

There were many questions and he answered all of them though his ECO-14 computer that enables him to talk.Through the machine he was able to tell the students what it's like to have CP and how he goes through an every day routine with the help of an aide at home and his sister and two brothers. He is the son of Robert and Patricia O'Gurek of Summit Hill andgraduated from Panther Valley High School in 1999.

During the program he explained the adaptations he needed to make it in the world. He said if he wouldn't have had this affliction he would have liked to have worked in marine life. He is now a certified web designer and showed the web sites he created for numerous people and businesses.

He graduated from Lehigh Carbon Community College and is now employed at S and O Computers in Summit Hill.