Longhi Financial, located on Route 309, Hometown, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

Founded in 1980 by Juliann Longhi, Longhi Financial began as a personal income tax practice. Juliann soon saw the need to offer her clients financial services and became a representative of HD Vest Investment Services.

When asked about the early years, Juliann responded, "As I look back, I am pleased that I was able to assist so many clients over the years. Many of my original clients are still with us and have helped my practice to grow by referring their friends, family and business associates. It is an honor to continue to serve those clients and so many others by offering financial guidance through the best and sometimes the worst times of their lives."

Juliann went on to say, "because we are tax professionals as well as financial professionals, we have the ability to offer our clients a holistic approach to financial planning. We take into account all aspects of our clients' financial profile. We do not just focus on selling a product. We focus on the individual needs of the person, analyze their situation now, consider their goals, and then offer suggestions."

In 2008 Stanley B Warner, III, CPA, MBA entered into a partnership with Longhi to form Longhi Financial, Inc. Stan has been a registered representative with H.D. Vest Investments since 2004.

The merger of the practices of Longhi and Warner added another dimension to Longhi Financial because along with personal tax and financial clients, Stan's practice included corporate accounting and tax clients.

Warner commented, "I have the highest regard for Juliann. She has consistently moved her practice forward by keeping current with the financial markets and products. She believes strongly in education for herself, her staff and her clients. The results are that Juliann has been consistently recognized as a top representative of HD Vest, an achievement that I plan to emulate.

"By uniting our practices and working together I believe Juliann and I are able to offer our clients so much more through our combined experience and knowledge of taxes and financial products. We do not subscribe to the one size fits all approach. We regularly meet to analyze our clients' situations to come up with what we think are the best solutions for them as individuals. We like to get to know our clients personally and sponsor social events, such as our annual Welcome Dinner for new clients and our picnic for existing clients."

Warner added, "I feel because of the merger and expanding our team we are able to get so much more accomplished. In 2009 we successfully launched a website and offered two educational seminars. We also assembled a Client Advisory Board that meets with us quarterly to offer their opinion and insight into our practice from our clients' perspective."

The team at Longhi Financial includes Marie Umbriac who came from a strong background in banking operations and customer service. Marie joined the team in 1999.

Ann Tracy, with Longhi since 2003 has expanded her personal knowledge by completing a tax course and becoming a notary to more efficiently handle the processing of clients' financial paperwork.

The newest member is Michele O'Donnell, who joined the team in 2009. Michele has a strong background in accounting.

Members of the firm's Client Advisory Board, each of whom will serve a two year term are: Kerry Beidleman, Russ Ferguson, Phil Houm, Russ King, Paula Maurer and Gar Thomas.

When asked about the future of Longhi Financial, Stan Warner stated, "We will continue to do what works. Keep current through education and research; engage our clients in conversation and listen to their ideas and goals; and, build a strong team dedicated to excellent client service."

Juliann Longhi said, "I think some of my clients were worried that I was planning retirement when Stan came on board. The truth is that I saw a tremendous opportunity when I met Stan. He is well educated, very sharp and a real people person. I knew that his enthusiasm would bring new ideas and even more expertise to Longhi Financial. After working with Stan I now know that I made the right choice in a partner.

"As for retirement, I am not going anywhere. I'm excited to stick around and see where we go from here," added Juliann.

Longhi Financial is on the internet at www.LonghiFinancial.com [1].