A recent meeting between attorneys representing Riverwalck Restaurant owner Mark Stemler, Atty. Mike Greek, solicitor for the borough of Parryville; and Parryville's zoning officer Dick Fedor may be helping resolve the restaurant's legal issues regarding zoning violations.

"We have intervened," said Greek, who was updating Parryville council members during a recent meeting. "We met with Atty. Carole Walbert at her office, who is Stemler's attorney, and through this an appeal was filed for a variance which was remanded back to the Zoning Hearing Board."

"We are not involved, but we (the borough) facilitated the meeting between Fedor and Stemler's attorney, Walbert," said Greek. " Walbert agreed to file the proper zoning appeals and they have stopped construction."

Greek said the property owner is allowed to protect his property should a roof blow off, as an example, but there should be no other construction.

Greek said an appeal was filed for all zoning issues, which are the two outdoor buildings and the parking issues, plus the entrance way.

"There are a lot of issues here and we thought it best to take them all at one shot and get it resolved," said Greek. Greek said that if Riverwalck loses in the appeal with the Zoning Hearing Board, they would have to appeal the decision to the county court.

Greek said that the borough can recoup court fees but not other fees.

"We're looking at this as a purely zoning issue at this time," said Greek.

Greek said that if Riverwalk owner Stemler is turned down by the Zoning Hearing Board and if the county court rejects the variance, Stemler will be required to tear down the building and if the construction does not meet the Uniform Construction Code, he may have to tear it down anyway.

"There is an engineer involved this time around," said Greek. "We are already aware that none of the issues with zoning involve the main restaurant building."

Greek noted that he wants to serve as an adviser to the Parryville Planning Commission when they update zoning regulations.

Greek also recommended that council appoint Atty. Greg Mousseu as the attorney for the Zoning Hearing Board to replace Atty. Steven Serfass, who won the election to become a county judge.

No date has been set for Zoning Hearing Board to hear the variance request.