Students of the Health Medical Nurse Aid class at Carbon Career & Technical Institute (CCTI) located in Jim Thorpe presented a program on the subject of "Teen Bullying" to the entire student body of the school last Friday.

For four students of instructor Michele Dominic, this was their second semester Community Service Project.

Just the day before, three other students, Brittanny Cammereri, Gaby Homlak, and Ashley Herbst, visited a day care center to teach the preschool children how to properly brush and floss their teeth.

The four students who presented the Teen Bullying program were Morgan Ferrari, Shelby Snell, Crystal Sparrow, and Alissa Curreri.

The students had to come up with their own ideas, their own projects, develop the lesson plan, the power-points, the videos, and the evaluations.

They spoke to the entire student body in small groups and showed slides with statistics on each kind of bullying in real life situations such as school bullying, cyber bullying, and dating abuse.

They advised that students go to any trusted adult such as a teacher, a parent, or the principal or counselor if there is a problem and make it clear that there's a difference between telling and tattling.

Whereas tattling is intended to simply get someone into trouble, telling about bullying is standing up for your rights to see that it is stopped.

For more information and assistance and for dating abuse, the website is and the Teen Help Hotline is 1-866-331-9474.