Dear Editor:

I know you and I don't agree with one another on different things especially newspaper stories, but I just want to thank you for the article in today's TIMES NEWS about the traffic situation in Tamaqua's Five Point intersection.

I had written to our local authorities and also our local political people about it. It is a tragedy waiting to happen down there. I see cars going through red lights, see them speeding, see them making U-turns when they are not supposed to do so.

The people, especially us old ones, the senior citizens of town, we have a hard time crossing the street. Those walk signs do not stay walk long enough for us to get across the street. We get half way out and they tell us to stop.

I talked to a lot of elderly about those lights and they all agree that they do not give them enough time to cross over.

Again, thanks for the editorial. It was a good one.

Edward R. Rummel, Tamaqua

46 years newspaper employee