More than 150 St Jerome Regional School students in grades kindergarten to 8th grade entertained an overflowing audience by singing and dancing Thursday during the second of two concerts held as part of their first annual St Jerome Performing Arts Christmas Concert held in the school's gym.

Students rotated with each other on stage while singing many holiday favorites. At the end of the concert, children also danced through the aisles singing joyous Christmas songs. Mulhern stated, "This event was the pilot project and kickoff for the St Jerome's new performing arts program and classes to be held at the school."

The program's instructor and St Jerome's new music director Paul Mulhern pointed out that this event also served as a starting initiative for the program's fundraising arm.

The new St Jerome performing arts program includes afterschool and summer programs, consisting of vocal lessons, children's theatre programs, school fundraising, community involvement activities, and more. Mulhern mentioned he also plans on having weekend and summer camp programs that will be open to all children, not just St Jerome students.

School Principal Mary Ann Mansell pointed out her appreciation to Mulhern, who started the program in late October, for his work and dedication towards this program. The friendly bond between Mulhern and the students was noticeable as students gave Mulhern high fives following the concert.