The prestigious National Honor Society Induction was held at Panther Valley High School under the advisorship of faculty member Richard Morgans.

Morgans opened the program with the lighting of the Eternal Knowledge Candle and reciting the poem in which the new inductees are likened to that candle. He said "Tonight we recognize a special group of students who like that candle have grown since their freshman year. They are ready to embark into an elite organization - ready to shine brighter than others in their school and community.

After the processional, Jason Gates, president of the NHS offered introductory remarks saying that "NHS was created by Dr. Edward Rynearson in 1921 to incite and award academic excellence and service among outstanding high school create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in students. Tonight marks our 34th induction ceremony at the Panther Valley Chapter". said Gates.

Morgans reminded the inductees that "Honor society is both an honor and a responsibility as well as one of the highest honors a student can attain in high school. You are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character."

Students John Owens, Celene Yelito, Sarah Branchide, and Michael Sloboda each took an active part in reciting special poems.

Morgans read the names of the new inductess and each signed the register and received pins and certificates from Principal Joseph Gunnels and Gates.

Gunnels spoke briefly citing the dedication of each of these individuals.

Gates gave clsing remarks and the recessional folllowed.

There are 15 new members, three seniors, and 12 juniors who join the thirteen seniors from last year. The PVHS Chapter is currently assisting the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program in the area.