Emergency responders and nearby residents in Tamaqua where surprised after arriving on scene to a report of a vehicle accident around 2 a.m. early Saturday at the intersection of Biddle and N. Greenwood streets.

No vehicle was in the area when they arrived. All that could be seen was bent guide rails on N. Greenwood Street, located at the bottom of Biddle Street, which drops down a steep ravine leading to a small parking lot along Schuylkill Avenue.

A resident located next to the parking lot told emergency responders that he heard a loud noise outside and saw a blue Chevrolet Cavalier sedan bouncing down the ravine. The car then squeezed past all the parked cars without hitting them. The driver, with one rim scraping the ground, then continued north on Schuylkill Avenue and turned east onto E. Elm St. (Snake Hill) toward Dutch Hill, where he eventually crashed into a tree near the intersection of Market and East Elm streets.

The male driver, who was unconscious and extricated when responders found the vehicle on Snake Hill, was airlifted to a hospital. Emergency responders also conducted a lengthy search for a possible female passenger, but never found anyone.

Responding were Tamaqua and Rush Township police, Tamaqua fire companies, rescue squad, ambulance, and fire police.