Dear Editor:

Just wanted to send a shout of thanks out to a group of amazing young men doing amazing things.

Marcus Kunkle, 17, Matt McGeehan, 14, Tyler Ritter, 13, and Nick McGeehan, 12 are a bunch of knuckleheads from Lehighton known as A.D.D. who recently rocked The Zoo in Lansford and managed to headline an event that raised $1,045 for the Cinicola family whose son, Cody, is battling cancer.

You always hear about young people doing bad things but this is a bunch that loves to play music (GOOD music !!!!) and were pumped up about donating the cover charge to help another youngster out. My hat is off to this great bunch of kids.

Thanks A.D.D. !!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Hiles, Future Tambourinist for A.D.D.

and Sports Zoo owner