The 2010 TIMES NEWS Grid Picks race came down to the final game on the last day of the 13 weeks of pigskin prognosticating competition.

When the smoke cleared, it was Joe Plasko pulling out the title by a single game over Andy Steinmetz.

Steinmetz held a two-game edge heading into the final week, but Plasko hit all three games on which they differed.

Plasko finished with a record of 151-44.

This is Plasko's eighth title since 1990, which includes three shared laurels. He last won outright in 2007, tied Rod Heckman for the 2008 title and finished one game behind 2009 co-champions Jason Boris and Shawn McFarland.

Steinmetz finished with a mark of 150-45 after leading the pack most of the season.

Jason Boris ended in third place at 149-46, two games back. Since 2001 Boris had won three Grid Picks crowns and tied for two others.

Rod Heckman came in fourth place with a 145-50 mark, six games back. Since 1990, Heckman has won three titles and tied for three others.

Tying for fifth place were Shawn McFarland and Mike Haines, each at 142-53, nine games behind. Each has a shared crown to his credit.

Emmett McCall was next in seventh place, 141-54, 10 games back. McCall has two titles (1984, 2000) and a shared championship (1990).

Ed Hedes finished in eighth place at 140-55, 11 games back. Hedes was the 1997 champ and shared titles in 1999 and 2002.

T.J. Engle placed ninth at 135-60, 16 games back, while Bob Ford occupied the cellar at 129-66, 22 games behind.