Controller Melinda Kantner raised two issues at the work session of the Schuylkill County Salary Board held at the courthouse in Pottsville Wednesday.

She reiterated a claim she has been making that the action taken by the county commissioners pertaining to two positions in the juvenile department were "illegal" because the matter was never brought before the salary board.

The commissioners, based on a ruling made by their solicitor's department, claimed there was no need as they were not new positions but a realignment of the department. Commissioner Mantura Gallagher said Kantner's claim of illegality is only her opinion as she is not an attorney an reiterated her request to Kantner to have her solicitor meet with the commissioners solicitor to discuss the legality.

Kantner again brought up the recently negotiated contract with ASCME Union, which represents employees in the courthouse who work in non-court related offices, that the pay increases offered in the new contract should come before the salary board for approval. She received no response.

The salary board took action to create two new positions in the drug and alcohol agency and fixed the salaries for these positions. Created were the positions of drug and alcohol case management specialists with the salary set for one position at $35,297 per year and the other at $34.545 per year.