The Tamaqua Fire Department responded to a home that was struck by lightning Sunday night. The top three feet of the chimney of a home of Pat Evans, of 231 West Spruce Street, was blown apart by a bolt of lightning that caused debris and cinder blocks to be strewn as far as 100 feet from the home onto the street and in neighboring yards. Parts of the roof were also damaged from larger pieces of the chimney that fell. Evans and her grandson were home at the time of the strike, but were not hurt. Evans said some of her lights no longer work. A neighbor said, "It felt and sounded like a cannon going off." Firefighters from Citizens and South Ward Fire companies used their ladders to climb the roof and place plastic over the chimney and an exposed part of the home. One official said, "Of all the large pieces of the chimney that fell, none hit the large fuel tank located directly below the chimney. They were lucky."