A new monthly roundtable veterans leader group, consisting of Commanders and representatives from 21 Carbon County veterans organizations, met at the Lehighton American Legion Thursday evening.

The new group, unofficially called the Carbon County Veterans Summit Group, meets every month to discuss important matters involving veterans benefits, events, and programs. The new group was started by Henry Desrosiers, Director of Veterans Affairs for Carbon County.

Desrosiers said, "In addition to bringing all these great veterans organizations together to make comments and discuss new ideas, this monthly roundtable also provides an easier means of utilizing the assets of each organization to assist with parades, veterans benefits, community organizations, and other veterans programs." Some of the things talked about at the roundtable consisted of the Carbon County Veterans Day Parade to be held in Palmerton, the Commanders Dinner, online access to local veterans programs, fundraising methods, event organization, and many other veteran initiative and group programs.

Desrosiers encourages all Carbon County veterans organizations to participate in this monthly roundtable. Lansford American Legion Post 123 Commander pointed out their Legion's great appreciation for last year's parade organizers Lenny Kovach and Renee Slakoper. For more information about the roundtable group, call Desrosiers at (570) 325-3986.