Two young men were caught with numerous automatic pellet gun weapons they allegedly used in a shooting spree in Carbon County Sunday afternoon.

The two used the guns in one shooting along Blakeslee Boulevard (Route 443) in Mahoning Township just outside of Lehighton. William McGovern of Jim Thorpe was working on a roof when he was struck in the arm.

McGovern said he heard at least six shots before being struck.

Police nabbed the two teens driving east on Route 248 just east of the Palmerton exit. Police said one youth lives in Palmerton and the other in Northampton. Both are reported to be 18 years of age.

Police from Mahoning and Franklin Townships as well as Lehighton and Palmerton and state troopers from Lehighton barracks detained the two.

Police were alarmed to find how authentic the weapons looked.

The weapons all had a bright orange tip on the barrels to denote they are not authentic but the duo took the liberty of placing black electrical tape over the orange band.

Police said the weapons looked so authentic, if they had pointed them at the police it may have had a fatal outcome.

The weapons consisted of a semi-automatic handgun, two sawed off semi-automatic shotguns and two fully automatic assault rifles.

The rifles had a selector switch which allows the operator to select from single shot, semi-automatic or full automatic.

The Carbon County District Attorney instructed the police to set the pair free although police did confiscate the weapons.