The start to the 2010 girls' soccer season is quite the opposite of last season.

After going through the Colonial League undefeated last season, last week's 2-1 overtime loss to Southern Lehigh dropped the Lady Tigers to 1-2 on the season.

Yesterday, the team came together behind Katie Hallingstad's four goals, dropping rival Northern Lehigh 11-1 for their first Colonial League win of the year.

Although the score would tell different, the first-half of the first-half was a scoreless game. Northwestern controlled the ball and attacked Northern Lehigh's zone but could not finish things off.

"This field is smaller than we were used to so we had to make some adjustments to create some space," Northwestern coach Kelly Bleam said. "We were all a little bit too close to each other and once we solved the problem of the small field we were able make a lot of things work and work well for us."

Emily Iobst was finally able to find the back of the net, shooting from the right and passing Northern Lehigh's goal keeper Emily Mulcahy for the 1-0 Tiger lead.

That is when the floodgates opened. The Lady Tigers scored five more times before half, turning the game into a rout.

"We started to get momentum and started working as a team and things started falling into place," Iobst said.

Northern Lehigh responded to put some pressure in the Northwestern end but that ended with Cassandra Yost stepping in front of an errant pass.

The breakaway left her one-on-one with Mulcahy who had little chance.

Shortly after that, Hallingstad found herself alone, racing toward Mulcahy leaving defenseman Shelby Snyder with little choice. Her attempt to protect her goal keeper took Hallingstad down. The talented junior scorer nailed the penalty kick for a 3-0 lead.

"She has a great shot and she can always finish," Iobst said. "We all work together to get her those passes to finish them and she does a great job of that."

Two Hallingstad goals later, freshman Anna Fricchione converted a perfectly placed corner by Rachel Kester to finish the first half scoring and a 6-0 lead.

"I don't think we were on top of things in the beginning, we were slow, we were just watching the ball," Hallingstad said. "We got it together and started working as a team and it really worked out."

Hallingstad scored her fourth in the first two minutes of the second half and was removed from the game but the scoring continued. Nicole Lach, Alyssa Krause, Fricchione again, and Sara Jones each scored in the second half.

Even though Coach Bleam cleared the bench, Northwestern (2-2, 1-1) out shot Northern Lehigh 48 to 5.

Northern Lehigh (0-4) scored on a direct kick by Kristin Leskowitch, but their offense for the most part, was inconsistent in their attack.

Northwestern moves on to face Colonial League foe Wilson with a much better feeling than they had after their first three games.

"I think (this win) will give us some confidence and get some wins," Hallingstad said.