Boys and girls belonging to the Cub Scouts Den 3 of Pack 138, Brownie Troop 30162, and Daisy Troop 4029 visited the Diligent Fire Company No. 3 in Jim Thorpe on Monday evening where they learned the do's and don'ts of Fire Prevention and Safety during the observance of National Fire Prevention Week.

The kids watched a fire safety film and listened intently as Captain Kevin McArdle spoke to them at length about what to do in the unfortunate event of a fire at home.

Along with the basic points such as exiting a house ASAP once a fire is detected and not going back in for any reason, the point of the evening's safety talk was driven home with the appearance of a fully-equipped firefighter and explanations of the lifesaving gear that they wear.

To demonstrate the ferocious heat generated in a typical house fire, Captain McArdle showed the gathered kids a telephone which had its handset completely and permanently fused to its base by the extremely high heat generated.

The film and the talk highlighted some of the most important rules in fire safety which are to make sure that their homes HAVE working smoke detectors and that they ALWAYS be sure to keep fresh batteries in them as they are useless without them.

Following the talk and demonstrations, the kids all got to check out a fire truck first hand and ask questions about it before returning to the meeting room for some snacks and literature from the firefighters.

Coordinating the visit along with the firefighters were Laura McArdle, Daisy Troop leader; Wendy Rodgers, Brownie Troop leader; and Shannon Frycklund, Cub Scout leader.