Quick response by area firefighters may have saved the life of a elderly man trapped under a 10,000 pound farm tractor Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred about 4 p.m. on Faiyland Farms, which is located off Fairyland Road in Franklin Township, Carbon County. Township Fire Chief Kevin Lilly identified the victim as Robert Miller, owner of the farm. Lilly said Miller became trapped beneath an overturned farm tractor. Lilly said as he and fellow firefighters raced to the scene he requested for a heavy duty wrecker be sent to aid in lifting the tractor off the trapped victim. Lilly said, however, that the wrecker was not used, rather farm equipment found on the farm was used in lifting the tractor. The victim was treated during the rescue operation by Lehighton paramedics. Miller was transported to an awaiting PennStar helicopter and then flown to St. Luke's Hospital, Fountain Hill. Lilly added that Miller was fortunate that a relative was husking corn near the scene and observed the accident and immediately called 9-1-1. Lilly said, "I was really pleased with the response from our members. They did a good job." Franklin Township fire police controlled traffic flow in the area. No condition report for Miller was available from the hospital this morning.