Dear Editor:

My son and I went to my garage to bring in the trash cans and we heard little cries and the little cries were five small kittens, their eyes barely open. The one little kitten was already dead and the other four were barely alive. What angers me is people who want animals but don't want the responsibility. These kittens now became my problem and expense, I have called many shelters, either I live in the wrong county, they are too full and some just didn't bother to return my calls.

I did find one great shelter in my many phone calls called Forgotten Felines and Fidos. They have gone far and beyond to help me with low cost vaccinations and ways to go about finding homes for these kittens. I have to say that I did leave that shelter in tears seeing all those unwanted animals. Some just your regular alley cats and some beautiful pure breds and those volunteers show so much care and love for them all. It really is amazing.

They really are angels on earth. So please before you run and get that cute puppy or kitten think of the long term commitment.

Go to a shelter for a reality check.

Laurie Gechter