Thursday night the Kidder Township board of supervisors met for their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. During the meeting a representative from the ambulance association asked the board to look at the current problem with ambulance coverage. After hearing the representative the board voted to change the Advanced Life Support emergency responders covering Kidder Township.

Kidder Township was being covered for ALS service by White Haven Ambulance. Due to recent inability to provide coverage for the Kidder Township area, the ambulance association wanted to find an ALS provider that could offer the coverage needed.

Advanced Life Support ambulance services are required by law to be in operation all day every day. Internal problems with White Haven Ambulance have left holes in their ALS coverage putting Kidder Township residents at risk. If the one available ambulance was already in use in Kidder Township it would put the lives of residents at risk if White Haven Ambulance was unable to respond.

The board of supervisors unanimously voted to make Lehighton ALS the primary provider for Kidder Township. Lehighton Ambulance has promised to get another truck to help ensure proper service for all the areas it covers.

Kidder Township had previously had Lehighton Ambulance as the primary provider but when ambulances were called to respond they would pull the Penn Forest truck down to Jim Thorpe. The Lehighton Ambulance has promised that the Penn Forest ambulance will remain at that location until there is no choice but to pull that vehicle down to Jim Thorpe to provide coverage for the county.

The areas of Kidder Township that has White Haven Ambulance as its Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support as the primary ambulance coverage will not be affected by this change.